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       Xiling Lab – Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with Innovative ADC Therapeutics

Xiling Lab is a pioneering high-tech company based in China at the forefront of ADC therapeutics for cancer treatment. Leveraging our cutting-edge XL-XDC® technology platform, we specialize in developing innovative solutions to target various cancers.

Our XL-XDC® platform features a diverse array of payloads, including anti-tubulin, DNA alkylated agents, Top 1 inhibitors, and protein degraders. Our platform was stand out for our exclusive SuperHydra® Linkers, meticulously designed to enhance conjugate stability during circulation and optimize payload delivery efficacy.

With a dedicated focus on oncology, Xiling Lab has cultivated a robust pipeline, successfully designing more than 7 best and/or first-in-class ADCs targeting Her2, B7H3, CD38, CEA, 5T4, and more. Highlighting the prowess of our SuperHydra® Linkers, we take pride in introducing our premier ADC candidate, SMP-656. This HER2-targeting eribulin ADC has demonstrated exceptional preclinical efficacy and surpassed industry safety benchmarks in non-clinical studies. We are thrilled to announce that SMP-656 has advanced to Phase 1 clinical trials, marking a significant milestone in our journey toward revolutionizing cancer therapeutics.

At Xiling Lab, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in ADC technology to create impactful solutions that improve the lives of patients globally. 

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